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The Tarantula MK6 is a completely new mains cable. Constructed using 3 x 2.5 mm twisted high purity oxygen free copper conductors to low resistance and give greater current handing. The conductors are coated with an extremely high grade LDPE which has a much better dielectric constant than the regular PVC used in on most mains cables. An Ali/Mylar screen with drain wire is employed to shield the cable as well as a CCST conductive carbon screen which is then finished in flexible PVC outer.

Winner of the What Hi-fi Mains cable of the year award and multiple 5 star reviews.
This cable is terminated with a Re-wireable UK plug and has the option of a 2 pin figure 8 or 3 pin 10 Amp IEC plug as standard

This cables is supplied in UK specification as standard but is also available as a European Schuko, U.S or AUS/NZ version on request.