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Black Widow FE

IMG_7249 (2)

Building on the success of the Tarantula cable we have bought to market the  Black Widow. The award winning tarantula is constructed using 2.5mm conductors, the new Black Widow uses 4mm! To keep the large cable (14mm diameter) flexible it is encased in a rubberised polymer jacket with scuff resistant woven outer jacket. Ideal for power hungry amplifiers.

Customers have told us they have experienced amazing dynamics and a rich tonal balance and on AV wonderfully vivid colours.

The FE stands for filter Edition, this means the cable is fitted with twin NAS filters to reduce the amount of RF noise in the cable. This can be especially beneficial for digital sources and AV equipment. All of our cables are available with or without rf filters to tailor them specifically to your requirements.

Black Widow mains cable is terminated with a re-wireable UK Plug, with 13 amp fuse and the choice of a pure copper Gold plated 3pin 10amp IEC or a 2 pin 5 Amp Figure8 plug as standard.

This cables is supplied in UK specification as standard but is also available as a European Schuko, U.S or AUS/NZ version on request.