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Chopin FE

The latest version of the Multi Award winning Chopin Interconnect consists of 8 x Twisted HCT & OFC Copper Conductors individually insulated and arranged in an alternating configuration to provide natural RF & EM rejection. The FE stands for filter Edition, this means the cable is fitted with twin NAS filters to reduce the amount of RF noise in the cable. This can be especially beneficial for digital sources and AV equipment. All of our cables are available with or without rf filters to tailor them specifically to your requirements.

The Chopin is also fully screened with a CCS Conductive Carbon screen to ensure no unwanted interference is picked up.

They are terminated with Neutrik gold plated RCA plugs as standard but is also available as a balanced XLR version.

We feel the latest spec of the Chopin interconnect pushes the benchmark for performance in its class on to a hole new level even surpassing the performance of our original and highly acclaimed Verdi which for such a moderate price is truly incredible.