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Customer reviews

As we get so many letters from our customers thanking us for selling them a great product or providing an excelent service we thought it would be useful to other potential customers to read some of your opinions…
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Customer reviews on our Products.

Tarantula Classic Mains Cable:


my tarantula mains cable arrived,what a difference it made to the picture on my flat screen tele, fantastic buy… Gerald.


I took delivery earlier today of a Tarantula classic mains cable. This was my first Merlin product purchase and I can safely say that it won’t be my last. The cable is delivering power to my Arcam A32 amp, and what a difference. All round sonic improvement… Keith.


Black Widow ParrallelMains Block:


Just wanted to drop a note thanking you for a recent transaction. Spoke to John last week on how to capatilise on my old Funnel web mains cable i bought from your E bay site. He recommended the Black widow parallel mains block and that i meet up with Merlin at the heathrow show. I spoke to his helpful colleuge and picked one up. I am very happy with the result, more than i expected. The extra detail is extrodanary , the tighter base and extension is what i hoped for and despite the recent wave of negativety surrounding cables i can honestly say this is the best cost effective upgrade i have undertaken. Its like upgrading an amplifier. Im temted to start a thread on the What hi fi forum using that quote as a thread just for the fun of the reaction! Thanks for encouraging me to take the first steps on the Merlin path. Such a delight to get great results After the dissapointment of using an ****** mains strip ( no effect what so ever) and a mini purifier (a noticable effect but was never convinced i liked it!) Good luck in these difficult times… Colin.


IRC6 Pro Speaker Cable:


Sorry for taking so long to get back to you about the IRC6 Pro speaker cables,I have been enjoying my music!! When you said to go for the Speaker cables I was surprised, I always thought signal cables first but I should never have questioned your advice, the sound now is more fluid with great bass texture, the sounstage has grown upwards a stunning cable. Where to next? Verdi interconnect or Black Widow Mains block? Or do you have something else up your sleeve to Knock me sideways. As always great advice, brilliant product, very happy customer… Martin


Received the cables today and have been playing with them for a few hours. My original cables were good quality and I was really looking for something at least equal to them but I needed 5m as they were just too short. Suffice to say even before they have run yours in I have got a fuller, fatter sound from your cables. They are really well made too. So it is a big thanks from me and I will certainly come back when I can afford to upgrade the rest of the system. Just thought you would like to know… Steve

Verdi Interconnect:


Since the installation, my pair of ProAc Tablette 50 Signature speakers have been performing unspeakably well, much much better than before. I regret I didn’t experience it previously. The bass is so taut and deep that I need to turn off my Velodyne used to extend the low frequency, to which the ProAcs were seemingly unable to respond previously but now do to a higher standard than the sub… Patrick


I have now purchased the above and I mast say they are superb interconnects… I now found that the sound is more balanced, bass is taught and very open sounding in fact my wife commented which is a first,so they must be good… The system they are going through is a Marantz S15 cd player S15 Amp. All is now to change the power cables… The Merlin co comes very highly recommend… Spencer


Customer reviews on Multiple Items.

I bought the Chopin Classics, Tarantulas and IRC6 speaker cable. All of these cables have been built to a very high standard of which I am very impressed. The connections on the speaker cable are the best fit yet for both my Cyrus gear and Monitor Audio Speakers. The interconnects are flat and very maneuverable which is also very handy. The Sound – well once I changed to these cables I was blown away! You know the moment when you just sit there and can’t help but smile! The bass especially. For the first time (probably ever) I don’t need my sub on with my speakers. I am still actually amazed as to how good the bass is. (Obviously the equipment and speakers are key ingredients to this but once I changed the cables I was amazed)… Andy (1/2)


Many thanks for the IRC6 Pro speaker cables. Excellent items and along with my Chopin Classsic interconnects that I have had for about a year, these have made an appreciable difference to my modest system. The IRC6 has replaced some cheapo silver coated cable that I got on Ebay. The IRC6 has a much more balanced, rounder sound and has evened out the HF hardness that I had before. With the Chopin Classics I think they provide an exceptional sound and as far as value for money is concerned, theres not much out there that can touch them. Although I don’t think I will changing for quite some time, Merlin will be at the top of my list should that time arrive in the future… Ray


I put your cables up against ***** Power Cables, Interconnects and Speaker Cables. There is no real difference in detail between the Merlin and ***** cables. If anything your cables are better in the midrange letting more info through and better in the Bass which is more musical. I keep having to go over pieces of music just to confirm i am hearing correctly, the soundstage is big and wide and gives a more realistic potrayal of a performance. Seeing as i paid over £500 for the ***** and half that on yours, your cables are excellent and i have put the Black Widow mains block on my wishlist as the next upgrade.I would like to say well done for giving straight forward advice with no bull, it does what you say it will do. Once again well done i am very pleased with your cables and wish you continued sucess… Martin


I am using the Black Widow Mains Block with Tarantula Classic mains cables with Roksans’ Kandy CD player and Amp. I am very happy with Merlin, deliveries were on time…..even though i changed the delivery date!! Thanks, good product that has improved the sound of my system… Matt


Customer reviews on our Service.

this has been excellent. Something that is very rare these days! John, you have always been very helpful and this is appreciated.So overall – Top Class!… Andy (2/2)



You can submit a review for approval by completing a message on the contact page. No persononal details will be listed with the reviews. You can also submit by email to