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Energy Control Grounding Systems

IMG_7271 (2)Energy Control Grounding Systems (ECG)

Your hi-fi system and the environment is awash with spurious energy that can be detrimental to the performance of the system and can have a marked impact to the perceived sound quality.

The most problematic being  electromagnetic, electrostatic, rfi as well as Common mode and differential mode noise.

The main areas of focus for ECG systems are EMI/ RFI and electrostatic energy control.

By controlling and managing this energy you can drastically reduce the impact they have on performance.

By channelling this noise away from the system and its ground plain you can ensure the best possible environment for your system to perform in.

For maximum effect our energy management systems should be used with our cables as they have been designed to work in synergy but they will be very effective in any system.

If you look at the triboelectric series you will see most of the common materials used in the construction of a hi-fi system are high on the list of being susceptible to the attraction and build up of electrostatic energy, ( Teflon being the worst but with polyethene, pvc, copper, silver and even gold being prone to attracting electrons and being negatively charged and your glass and aluminium rack offering amazing potential to become positively charged.) your systems acts as a very effective energy store.

Control the noise and let your system reach its full potential.

When we are talking about energy control and grounding we are not referring to your main system ground /safety earth which should never be changed, modified or bypassed. We are purely dealing with the management of parasitic noise and ways to minimise this.