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Funnelweb 6 way

The Funnelweb mains distribution unit is the first in the range to use our HCT (hybrid core technology)  conductors, each strand is individually insulated to offer maximum performance without cross conductor skin effect issues. Groups of these are encased in CCT conductive carbon tubes to minimise interference from EM and RF picked up by the cable,

The main enclosure is machined from Multi layer bamboo for its excellent damping properties with an acrylic base. The individual sockets are made in Germany and are of the best possible standard, these are star wired with OFC conductors to a high quality IEC inlet, allowing you to use the inlet mains cable of your choice. Star wiring is employed to ensure that each socket is supplied with exactly the same feed directly from the mains supply to eliminate possible voltage drops that can sometimes occur with series connected distribution units.

A separate isolated  earth/ energy sink post is fitted as standard.