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Funnelweb FE

IMG_7261 (2)The New Funnel Web mains cable utilises 16 x individual HCT (Hybrid Core Technology) high purity oxygen free copper conductors . The individually coated cores minimise the skin effect problems associated with multi-strand bunched conductors to provide better signal integrity. We use a polyolefin dielectric on each individual 0.56mm core.

The individually coated and insulated conductors are arranged twisted to help reject RF and to stop any unwanted interference getting into the cable each group of 4 conductors is screened with a floating conductive carbon tube (CCT) to ensure no unwanted interference is picked up, the screen is terminated with a 4mm socket to allow connection to our isolated energy removal system (ERS)  to ensure minimal interference with the conductors.This is then encased in an outer sheath of  braided PE  for great wear and abrasion resistance. The conductors are wrapped in natural cotton to give the cable some mechanical damping so reducing the microphonic effects in the cable.

The FE stands for filter Edition, this means the cable is fitted with twin NAS filters to reduce the amount of RF noise in the cable. This can be especially beneficial for digital sources and AV equipment. All of our cables are available with or without rf filters to tailor them specifically to your requirements.

Customers have told us that they have experienced a lower noise floor and that the Funnel Web mains cable adds  extraordinary clarity to their systems along with greater drama and timing. They have also commented that the Funnel Web adds great poise, amazing definition and a very clear top end.
Feedback from customers who have try them on AV systems say the New Funnel Web really brings colours to life with improved contrast and more legible on screen menus and text. 

The Funnel Web mains cable is terminated as standard with a high quality UK Plug and a Rhodium/ Platinum plated copper 10amp IEC or a 16amp High Current IEC. We are also now able to fit an F8 connector for increased compatibility either a standard version or an upgraded Furutech item.