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Mains Cables

IMG_7242Our Mains cables are designed to reduce the level of noise entering your equipment through a combination of different types of screening, the construction of them, noise absorbing filters and on most of our range the inclusion of our separate energy removal system. Customers have told us that using our products they have experienced a dramatic reduction in high-frequency distortion and listener-fatigue, most notably at higher sound pressure levels. and that they have noticed improvements across the whole audio spectrum which can be exemplified by an enhancement in clarity and projection of the mid-band, giving greater agility in associated bass performance. With video images the picture becomes sharper and clearer with a far more vivid depth to colours yet displaying less saturation and exhibiting sharper edge definition and reduces noise allowing the hole image to become far more 3 dimensional and natural. Praise indeed!

It is ideal to use Merlin Mains Cables in conjunction Merlin Mains Distribution Blocks to ensure perfect property synergy for the whole signal path and to ensure a perfect balance and individual cable performance is maximised.