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press reviews and awards

Merlin Cables have received numerous great review and awards, this is just a few of them.


Bach Interconnect
‘5 Star Review’ What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision


they said… “A five-star performer that, considering the price-tag, punches well above its weight. If the Bach is Merlin’s entry-level interconnect, then we can’t wait to hear the rest. It’s a real star. You’re getting a heck of a lot for your money. It delivers a controlled, even sound that’s beautifully balanced from the top to the bottom of the frequency range. Detail levels far exceed our expectations at this price. It’s a dynamic, accomplished cable that allows Rhianna’s Breakin’ Dishes to bound along with the agility of a Russian Olympic gymnast.”


Chopin Classic Interconnect
‘Best Buy Interconnect’ What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision Awards 2003/2004/2005


they said… “if your budget or midrange system needs a kick up the posterior, then invest in this interconnect. It allows for a clean & open delivery that excites & invigorates & is adept at soothing the senses with it’s sweet & subtle high frequencies. The Chopin will give your CD collection a new lease of life.”


Chopin MK2 Interconnect
‘4 Star Review’ What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision


they said… “Very capable cable – refined sound that delivers plenty or detail.”


Chopin MK3 Interconnect
Hi-Fi World Review – Sept 08

they said… “the chopins sound was big with generous bass for a budget cable, the soundstage reaches beyond the edge of the speakers and had reasonable stage depth. The chopin has a solid and architectural presentation with a very refined treble for this class of cable, being quite smooth and detailed.” When compared to a competitors cable costing £240 they found the bass to be in the same class with only a hint of upper mid congestion as criticism which they go on to say… “is impressive in a product thats so much cheaper.”


Verdi Interconnect
‘5 Star Review Winner’ What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision


they said… “it’s performance makes it well worth the money in the right system.”


Tarantula Mains Cable
‘5 Star Review Winner’ What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision


they said… “improvement’s are big enough to make it a worthy buy.”


Tarantula Classic Mains Cable
‘5 Star Review Winner’ What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision


they said… “Offers Killer value and sounds simply magical” and was also awarded the best buy in 2002 (as Black Widow mk1 and priced at 50 pounds) and is still their highest recommendation below 50 pounds.


Tarantula Classic Mains Block
‘5 Star Review Winner’ What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision


they said… “a cost effective way to boost the bass weight and detail levels of your system.”


Black Widow Cable
‘4 Star Review’ What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision


they said… “all told this is a good performer, well worth investigating.”


Black Widow Mains Block
‘5 Star Review Winner’ What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision (now re-wired and improved)


they said… “delivers a lovely rhythmic style, complete with detail & an even tone balance.”


C4 Speaker Cable
‘4 Star Review’ What H-Fi? Sound & Vision Best Speaker Cable under £5 January 2007


they said… “excellent budget offering – enjoyable sound with excellent clarity.”


C12 Speaker Cable
‘5 Star Review Winner’ What H-Fi? Sound & Vision


they said… “excellent detail & dynamic ability thats a match for anything at this price.”


IRC6 Pro Speaker Cable
‘4 Star Review’What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision


they said… “The IRC6 is well made has the feel of a quality product and few look smarter for this kind of cash. What matters most is sound and in this respect the IRC6 is very good. It is startling clear through the midrange and treble, delivering dynamics with enthusiasm. The cables tonal balance is well judged and detail levels are pleasing.”
The IRC6 Pro also features as What Hi-Fi Sound & Visions cable of choice on their ‘how to make the most of your HiFi’ feature video on their website.
Hi-Fi News Review – January 2009

they said… “Build quality of this IRC6 PRO speaker cable with built in ferrite filters, appears first rate.” They went on to say “it sounded brightly lit, but was bold and punchy and clearly represented good value,” only coming short against their reference cable at 3 times the price!!