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Tarantula 6 way

IMG_7207 (2)The Tarantula is our entry level mains distribution unit. It consists of our award winning Tarantula mains cable hard wired into a premium quality 6 way block.

The Tarantula cable is constructed using 3 x 2.5 mm twisted high purity oxygen free copper conductors to low resistance and give greater current handing. The conductors are coated with an extremely high grade LDPE which has a much better dielectric constant than the regular PVC used in on most mains cables. An Ali/Mylar screen with drain wire is employed to shield the cable as well as a CCST conductive carbon screen which is then finished in flexible PVC outer.

The aluminium  mains block is made by Brennenstuhl in Germany, we have removed the neon light from the switch to reduce noise and have de-oxit cleaned all of the contacts.

The Tarantula mains cable was the Winner of the What Hi-fi Mains cable of the year award and has had multiple 5 star reviews.