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IMG_7273 (2)Verdi utilises a triple helical spiral construction of a total of 12 x HCT  Oxygen Free Copper Conductors. This geometry offers superior levels of RF and EM suppression and rejection. In blind listening tests the lower noise floor was found to vastly improve mid-range resolution and dynamics.

Verdi is also screened with a floating conductive carbon tube (CCT) to ensure no unwanted interference is picked up, the screen is terminated with a 4mm socket to allow connection to our energy removal system (ERS)  to ensure minimal interference with the conductors.The cables are terminated with Gold plated Neutrik rcas, but is also available as a balanced XLR version at extra cost

Feedback from customers has told us they found  Verdi interconnect offers a more powerful and more defined presentation with improved depth control and authority. Verdi has become one of our most popular interconnects.